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For over two decades Aaron has put in thetime, dedication and respect to the art of story telling and voice.

Aaron grew up in metro Philadelphia and started acting in the 1st grade, in school, then community and regional theatre.  By college, Aaron had his own talk radio show at his local college radio station. The show, "Aaron in the Afternoon" and radio station went on to eventually rank # 1 in all of American college radio, by the National Association of College Broadcasters and at 10,000 watts, began ranking in Philadelphia Arbitron numbers. Aaron's booming voice soon caught the ears of the Philadelphia Inquirer, amazed he was only 19, they did a feature story on him.  The story got Aaron into commercial talk radio by age 20, in Atlantic City, then Philadelphia, America's 9th largest radio market.  At this time Aaron also put together his first voiceover demo and quickly signed with a Philadelphia casting agent, ​voicing his first VO in 1999.

Coming from a family in TV news, Aaron always wanted to pursue that side of broadcasting. After an internship with CBS, Aaron was signed by the late Conrad Shadlen, now Willinger Talent, one of the grandfathers of TV News agents and was soon working in small, medium and large TV markets for FOX, CBS and NBC affiliates all across America.  Aaron was fortunate to work with imaging consultants from the legendary Frank Magid Associates, creators of the"Action News"  format and original developers of Good Morning America on delivery, timing and ad-lib. Aaron continued to work in voiceovers at this time from his home studio joining Voice123 in 2003 and working with several regional agents. While working as the local weatherman in South Florida, Aaron also got to mentor with his respected influence, legendary voice actor, the late Peter Thomas (Forensic Files / NOVA), who lived in the area and was a viewer. During Aaron's time in Arizona he was the stadium announcer voice of the west coast's Golden Baseball League and a commercial voice for several TV and radio campaigns for the New York Yankees. Since Aaron's TV days, he has worked one-on-one with some of Los Angeles' top voiceover coaches including Don Lafontaine's long time booth director, David Alden, LA's commercial coaching king, Marc Cashman, and network talent coach Dave Walsh for in-show narration, as well as continuing acting classes through the UCLA extension program. For the last decade, Aaron has lived in sunny Southern California where he also teaches voiceover.  Aaron takes great pride in his octave and pitch versatility, allowing him to audition well for your unique voiceover needs, with A+ results always.

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